imageMy name is Chantal Spires and I am a licensed professional counselor in Lone Tree, CO. I have my masters in counseling and have been in private practice for 15 plus years working with individual children, adolescents and adults, as well as groups and families.

While I believe the individual setting of counseling is highly valuable and allows personal application to each persons unique life, I have also found that many of the topics that are covered in session are applicable to most people. As I began to speak with my clients and hear that they were bringing back concepts we discussed in session to their friends and family members, it encouraged me to make these concepts more public. And to my excitement, clients encouraged me to do so!

And when I began classifying the concepts, while they addressed many different issues, thoughts and relationships, it became abundantly clear that they all fell into one main category: the spaces between. Those spaces we live in our lives- emotionally, professionally, spiritually and relationally- that do not exist in a concrete end but rather keep us fluxuating and grappling. The spaces that are on the line between the comfortable end points. The spaces where we stand to grow.

Thank you for joining me here – I assure you, it is not an end point for me. And I am growing and learning with you and honored that you are standing next to me.

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