Because everyday, each of us stands in the spaces between where we want to be and where we are, how we picture things and how they look, how we want our relationships to be and how they are, what we believe our worth is and the reality of how that is playing out in our life, what we had and what remains, who we were and who we are. Some days the space between is small and we stand on steady ground. Somedays, more days than we like, the space is gaping; our legs are shaky.

This is about those spaces. It’s about how to stand in them, since we are all IN THEM. It is about how to navigate the distances in our lives in the cleanest way so that we don’t just trudge forward in our lives, but we grow forward. It’s about finding peace in them when we can, and moving out of them when we should. It is about knowing when and how to take steps to close the gap, and how to best predict if doing so will actually be walking us off a ledge. It’s about knowing how to hold our space, because sometimes that space is protecting us. It’s about knowing that, in the spaces between, we find who we are.